My father’s gone now.

I have to accept that. I don’t want to, but I’m wasting precious time not accepting that…

I know that, but… I don’t want to accept it…

What is there to do? The lack of time is so cruel…

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I would have found this myself, but I haven’t gone to the office after finishing G16 to talk to Eirawen. But wow, uhh… what? What is this???
The little things devCAT sneaks in with portraits around the castle. ><}}

{{Why aren’t there more pictures of Eirawen?

cries softly}}


I’ll probably start again tomorrow before I start my dreaded summer homework}}

{{Going to not be on this blog for awhile until I feel better again.

Kind of sinking into depression again and trying my best not to let myself fall so deeply.

All of my apologies guys. So very sorry. :( I just think I need to get this dealt with ASAP.

I’ll be semi-active on my personal blog and sometimes on the games I play.

I’ll drop by now and then. x x}}


She dropped two cubes into her cup. “I hope it’s to your liking.

"So, what do you do all day?" she takes a small sip from her cup and then sets it down on the plate.


To make tea correctly requires some skill,” she said nonchalantly, a cup and plate appearing in her hand. She offered it to Eirawen. “Would you like anything added? Sugar? Milk? Honey?

"Some sugar would be nice. The taste of tea is more bearable with sugar."

{{I’m back from my journey in the dark known as catching up with the games you left because of school.

Oh and summer reading.

Again I want to apologize. ; ;}}


However moving that was, girl, I doubt I can be any real help to you. Politics were never my thing,” she tapped her chin. “Would you like some tea?

"I guess since I have nothing else to do, I’ll take up on your offer. Perhaps, tea can help me think this whole ordeal through."

Her signature scowl remained on her face, but she was at least more willing now to be more patient with other people. She was still upset at the amount of time she was wasting, but tried to disregard it.

"I hope you make better tea than my previous maid. That’s why I fired her. The silly woman couldn’t make a simple tea."